The global community is trying their best to deal with the rapidly evolving "coronavirus crisis". On the back of the horrendous bushfires over the 2019/2020 summer period there is no doubt that Australian businesses will face some significant challenges this year.

One of the challenges that businesses owners are facing is how to minimise exposure - both externally (between their teams and the public) and internally (between team members themselves). Having teams "work from home" is a common suggestion, but setting up the infrastructure to support this can be unfamiliar to many.

Several tech companies around the globe have taken the initiative to make this transition as easy as possible. This includes free or greater access to video conferencing tools, digital solutions, etc.

Below are listed some of the current companies offering "coronavirus deals".

This list will be added to over as new information becomes available.

<aside> 📌 This list is currently managed by Caolan O'Connor from Regional Business Toolkit.

If you are aware of any new deals that should be added to the list please flick me an email.



Screen capture software.

Through to July 1, 2020 Loom will:

Deal info here.

G Suite

Through to July 1, 2020 G Suite will: